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Persephone's Comics
Two American guys ­ shoujo-otaku, Piro, and sadistic, 'Kombat'-junkie, Dom ­ end up getting stuck in Tokyo, Japan with no way to get home. The first webcomic I ever went to, it can be as dramatic as it is random and funny. Rated D/P/R/M/A/VG/Ph ­ for drama, parody, romance, manga, anime, video games, and Ph33r.
Angel Moxie
Junior High student Alex O'Connor has a very special task in life, given to her by the Higher Authority ­ save the world from evil!  Done with a lot of talent and humor. Rated Cu/C/Shj/Mn ­ for cuteness, comedy, shoujo and monsters.
As If
Best friends Hunter and Angela are high-schoolers with the incentive to survive growing-up ­ in the 80s.  Talented drawings, original plots, and solid, wonderful characters. Lots of 1980s nostalgia, too ­ highly recommended. Rated H/80s/N ­ for hilarious, 80s, and nifty.
Scary Go Round
 Enter the amusing, weird, and excruciatingly frightening world of SCARY GO ROUND, complete with pubs, zombies, and European humor.  Mainly focuses on the characters Tessa Davies (likes friendly dogs, rainbows, and The Sopranos) and Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte (heiress to the Dukakis-Monteforte biscuit dynasty). Rated A/EF/S/DDF­ rated for the fore-mentioned amusing, excruciatingly frightening, silly, and drop-dead funny.
This is a story of a separate world where an angel ­ Faustus ­ has fallen from grace, and into the lap of Singe, a young woman with a troubled past.  Along with a grumpy, pint-sized dragon named Void, Singe reluctantly shares her apartment with him. A masterfully done comic, complete with grade-A art.  Rated D/C/An/Dra/AU ­ for drama, comedy, angels, dragons, and alternate universe.
Pnju Piggy Hunter
A young woman named Linna comes into the custody of a cute little piggy named Porkchop!  Every time [accidentally] she kisses him, he gains special powers. (Ex. wings, transformation)  Fun to read and beautifully drawn! It also combines multi-anime themes wonderfully. Rated C/D/Cu/FP ­ for comedy, drama, cuteness (in the way of piggies), and flying pigs.
Space Cowgirl Radical Edward:
The unofficial continuation of Cowboy Bebop! Guess what?  Spike Spiegel survived, and now ­ ever reluctantly ­ keeps company with Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, a.k.a. Ed.  This is really well done, and the art's great.  Also, for those of you who don¹t know, 'doujinshi' is Japanese for 'fan comic'. Rated Qu/C/Ed/Sp/SF ­ for quirky, comedy, Edward, Spike, and Swedish fish.

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